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Croatian language

Individual Croatian courses

Individual Croatian courses can either be taken by themselves or to supplement Sputnik's group Croatian courses. The personal attention which comes from one-to-one approach makes Individual Croatian courses ideally suited for people who:

• Have limited time available to study Croatian and need to focus on personal learning objectives
• Want to focus their learning on a specialised subject area such as business Croatian,
marketing or tourism
• Are preparing for Croatian language test, for legal, studying or other purposes
• Would like assistance preparing for business presentations, negotiations or meetings,
or to develop key skills such as telephoning,business correspondence and report writing
• Want to increase their confidence in Croatian

Intensive Croatian course

This course is designed and recommended for people who want to learn as much Croatian as possible in a short period of time. The Intensive Croatian course is designed for those who wish to learn as much Croatian as possible during their stay in Zagreb.

Evening Croatian course

Our Evening Croatian Courses are designed for people who live, work or study in Zagreb and have daytime committments but are keen to develop their Croatian language skills. 

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